Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rhythm Wolf - Individual Drums Outs

I got asked by a friend if I could help him modifying his Akai Rhythm Wolf for individual outputs. After opening the little box, it became quickly clear that Akai was nice enough to label five resistors with "Individual Outputs Available Here". Not knowing about the signal levels, etc, it seemed worth to just give it a try and to simply wire them to mini jacks.

For this, I solderd five (red) cables to the upper part of the resistors.

The respective resistors are located left of the TSR jacks, suggesting that the levels get mixed here afterwards.

Quickly measuring the voltages passing through those connections, it became clear that none of them is ground. However, ground can be picked up almost everywhere on the board, and I soldered it to the sleeves of a all (mono) mini jacks. Similarly, the red wires got soldered to the tips.
Initial trials indicated that the signal level was very much sufficient for my friends amplifier/mixer, and also that the corresponding sounds did not get ablated in the main mix. So after drilling small holes into the backside of the case and attaching the jacks there the mod was done :)

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