The Mutli Duty MIDI Aid (MDMA) is, as the name suggests: a swiss-knife MIDI box.

The MDMA hardware and software are designed in a modular fashion, so you can choose which functionalities are important to you and if, as well as how, you want to implement them:

Based on the Teensy 3.1 development platform, the MDMA sports MIDI over USB, an Eeprom to load/save data, and a status LED - directly out of the box without any soldering required. However, multiple extensions (MIDI Din, CV/Gate, buttons, potentiometers, etc) expand these capabilities and are (or will be) published here bit by bit :)

The real Multi Duty part, comes from the different firmwares which are hand-tailored for the various hardware extensions. They consider your existing hardware configuration, in a simple to configure, way, and are easy to upload through the official Arduino IDE. Maybe the different firmwares will be combined, and a small GUI will allow configuration and enabling/disabling of functions, any time in the future, but it is not high on my priority list, yet. Immediate future plans include a firmware to determine accuracy and precision of MIDI clocks, a drum roller, a general purpose midi controller, and some bonus firmwares. The current release status is:


BaseMIDI over usb
Load/save data (eeprom)
Status LED
Din extensionMIDI Din in
MIDI Din out


KlockwerkA MIDI clock generator
Hardware used: Base, (optional:) Din extension
KommunikatorA bridge between MIDI DIN and USB with note/clock/channel filtering
Hardware used: Base, Din extension
KontrollerPlay the Korg Kaossilator Pro(+) and Kaoss Pad (+) with any MIDI equipment
Hardware used: Base, (optional:) Din extension

All firmwares are available on GitHub.

Let me know if you have any suggestions/ideas for extensions and firmwares.

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