Ghz Warrior

The Ghz Warrior is the continued development of the Digital Warrior by Tomash Ghz.

Features so far include:
  • 4 instruments/voices (each with separate Midi channel, pattern length and clock divider)
  • 24 patterns for each voice
  • up to 64 steps per pattern
  • patterns can be put in sequences by defining the number of repeats and the next pattern to be played 
  • steps allow note on/off definitions, pitch, propabillity and velocity settings
  • sequencer mode features forward, backward, bounce and random directions
  • voices can have different root notes assigned, and can be transposed on-the-fly
  • scale presets for voices: melodic minor, harmonic minor, natural minor, major, harmonic major, minor pentatonic, major pentatonic, chromatic, blues, diminished, whole tone and bebop dominant
  • SD card load/save full songs
  • MIDI Din out
  • MIDI over USB in/out
  • full MIDI clock handling with MIDI clocks and MIDI Time Code, allowing to be master/slave for hardware gear as well as software like Avid Pro Tool, NI Traktor, Ableton Live, etc.
  • intuitive work-flow without endless submenus
  • open source and open hardware

I am heavily working on the 2.0 stable release.
The current developmental firmware 1.4.5 can be downloaded here.

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