Sunday, December 6, 2015

Pimp my Drum Machine

A very quick one for in-between: 30min to optically upgraded my Roland R8 with wooden sides.

The Roland R8 Human Rhythm Composer does not need any introduction. "One of the very best drum machines ever", was a game changer upon its release in 1988 and dominated the electronic music production in the 90ies. Almost 30 years later, mine was still in a pretty good condition, but was due for a little optical make over.

I got a wooden plank at the local hardware store and, after roughly cutting it into two similar sized parts, schematically indicated the R8's dimensions on it. A circular saw quickly manifested my drawings in shapes (upper part), a rasp gave them a smooth surface and edges, while sticking rubber feet to them completed the whole process.

Last but not least, the sides needed to be fixed to the devices body. Since the R8 has withstood the marks of time quite well, I did not want to apply permanent changes to its case and therefore did not see drilling holes into it as an option. so I decided for glueing. Among the available glues, I opted for hot-melt adhesives as they are pretty stable, but can also be removed without leaving residues. After a total of about 60min, my R8 was successfully pimped :)

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