Saturday, January 16, 2016

Klockwerk - A MIDI clock generator

A small addition to my MDMA project: a MIDI clock generator

The firmware consists of just a couple of lines of code, and definitely isn't something that has not been done before. I still thought it is worth sharing, as I measured the precision and accuracy of this clock with the firmware running on the low-cost version of the Teensy development platform (of course the code also runs on an Arduino/Genuino). Considering that, even at 300 bpm, there is a timeframe of about 8 ┬Ásec between two clock signals, we are very good with both precision and accuracy, being in a range of lower than 0.05 ┬Ásec.

Again, we have MIDI over USB functionality out of the box, without any soldering required. DIN connections are also supported, and can be added with a cheap, and easy to implement, small circuit.

The code can be download from my GitHub repository, and is installed using these detailed instructions...

Feel free to expand it :)

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