Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ghz Warrior

Judging by YouTube videos and his homepage, I really liked the Digital Warrior of Tomash Ghz.
It seemed small, elegant, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 - and by that fully tweakable :)
I considered the last point to be particularly important, since I was missing some features for the purpose I had in mind: a fully autonomous sequencer for my synthesisers.

However, at one point when I was on Tomash' homepage to admire the smart device, I noticed that he was calling for preorders of the final batch. Confirming that this was my last chance to get one of little things, I did not hesitate to order the necessary parts for two of the standalone sequencer versions of the Digital Warrior.

Since then I am in very nice and fruitful contact with him, and since he wants to focus on other projects now, decided to also work a bit on the Digital Warrior as a standalone sequencer.
In honour for the great foundation I can built upon, I will call my modified firmware  Ghz Warrior...

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