Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hello World

Hello world,

I consider myself a maker and as such, I have pursued several projects in the past, ranging from home automation, hacked IR remote controls, fire simulations for christmas cribs, etc

Lately, I am mostly interested in building electronic music instruments and I felt that there is a part missing if I do not communicate...

...what I am currently assembling.
...what I am designing and constructing myself.
...which modifications I have added to the work of friends.
...and of course also what music I make with the devices I have built.

So here I am. This blog will mainly focus on the technical details of my work so that my projects can be freely reproduced. Consequently, my hardware developments are published under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license unless indicated otherwise. The software is of course open source and the particular licensing scheme will be highlighted in the corresponding files as published on my GitHub page. Some aspects of my work will be communicated free of all technical details through my Facebook page. And the music I intend to produce with all the DIY gear will be made available on my SoundCloud page.

, Karg

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