Friday, April 17, 2015

The Roisterer - The Beginning

So, I am into DIY synthesisers lately.

What I am missing in my setup is a small effects machine. Something that I can use to simulate (almost) everything from ocean waves, over vehicle sounds, to not-from-this-world sound effects.

Of course it should be controllable by MIDI, but also have an independent interface that is very suitable for live acts. Like some potentiometers and a touch screen to change parameters on the fly like panning, filter cutoff, etc.

Perfectly, it would also have a small footprint on my desk and (now I am pushing it) fit well optically to my other gear.

Most of my own developments so far have been with the Arduino platform, so that was the natural choice. However, for a complex endeavour like this, I have made the experience that a lot of time is typically spent on the generation of the sounds itself, writing the gui, etc.
While I have often enjoyed this in the past, this time I wanted to have something that I can use fast.

I also had a Raspberry Pi still laying around my place, and by this the idea of the Roisterer was born...

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